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With the introduction of digitalisation, automation is now to be found in almost all technical industries. Automated systems are able to perform tasks or resolve problems of a constant or varying nature without human intervention. The performance of tasks or resolution of problems can be regarded as objectives to be achieved in automation.

The key technology in achieving these objectives is electronic data processing with re-occurring sequences of functions. Trends appearing in the context of Industry 4.0 indicate that automated processes can also be used to create one-off, customer-specific or small batch series products. The automated process flow on these machines requires to be appropriately controlled. Monitoring, control and regulation of processes are core areas of automation.
They require a host of different cables to provide energy, signals and data to the installed sensors and actuators. Automation uses a wide range of cable volumes right down to single cables, which all have to be safely and reliably routed.

PFLITSCH can accommodate the requirements of automation with the VARiOX-Trunking system. It is lightweight and keeps its shape. Available in four practical widths, the trunking – thanks to the snap-on cover – allows optical fibre cables to be laid just as easily as energy cables in the trunking and safely routed through the processing equipment. The VARiOX range is kept extremely manageable by having only 42 trunking components and accessory fittings, which reduces logistics costs. Edge protection and other trunking details can be incorporated by use in combination with Industrial-Trunking components.